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We are a specialized consultancy focusing on agile product development in the European technology sector. Below you can find some common questions we help our clients to answer and act upon.

Small and Medium Enterprise Focused on Technology Development

Does agile make any sense for me? What shall I do to have it?

It is a common fallacy that agile works for everyone. It does not. We help you figuring out how much agile development fits your needs. If you choose to pursue agility based on what you have learned, we support you with every step of the transformation, from putting together the minimal risk transformation strategy to following up the transition with occasional health checks.

How can I compete long-term with the powerful corporates and fast moving startups of my field?

Being relatively small and nimble but already well established allows you to gracefully initiate and implement changes others struggle with. We help you with the challenges of creating long-term, lasting change, so you will be able to secure yourself as the market leader for a long time to come.

How can I get access to more talent and how can I keep them from leaving?

Are you running breathless in the talent vacuum? As a technology company, outsourcing development -- your core competency --, is a short-sighted option. Instead, investing long-term in your culture will attract the talent you need and make your employees stay and contribute to the best of their abilities.

Corporate in the Technology Sector

How could we make our organization fast moving and flexible?

Are your markets turbulent and hard to predict? Chances are that you will not be able to change this. What you can change is your organization, to become dynamic, responsive and adaptive to changes, so the unstable environment becomes more of a source of opportunities rather than a source of insecurity.

Are we agile yet? Or is there something more to it? Shouldn't the results be more convincing?

We provide an unbiased analysis on the status of agility within your organization. We identify the gaps and confront you with your blind spots, so you will have a chance to act upon them. If you choose so, we can support you finding remedies and estimating the effort and cost of implementing them, as well as the benefits you can expect.

How can we synchronize our development teams with each other and with the business functions?

Are your agile teams on the loose, playing out of tune with each other and business? We show you the ways to let them self-synchronize without the need to re-establish command and control, so you will not endanger what you have already achieved in speed and flexibility.

We always talk about innovation, but frankly, we are just trying to swim with the flow. How do I get REAL innovation?

Real innovation needs adjustments to the company culture and leadership. Good news is, that if you are already involved in technology development, you probably do not need to replace your people. Creativity is already there, you just have to let it surface. We show you how.

Tech Startup

How could we attract more funding?

A big idea and a business model are great, but are only theory. Putting a working prototype into the hands of investors is a whole another world. We show you how to get to such a prototype without the need of extensive hiring or outsourcing, and how to use it as the basis of future development once you have it.

How shall we organize the company so that it is able to grow without losing our culture?

Growth is a major, yet inevitable problem source for any successful startup. You might be concerned if you will be able to grow without sacrificing your company culture, or maybe you already feel the pains of growth. We support you in creating a robust, bureaucracy-light, future-proof organization, ready for organic scaling, but intrinsically resistant to becoming ``corporate`` as it grows.

How could we improve the motivation and performance of our product development teams?

We help you in building great teams and optimizing product development, so you can be reassured that your teams have everything they need to be effective and focused. Like it or not, developers are making technical decisions of your product on a daily basis. We show you how to make sure that your company benefits the most from their decisions.

Investors and Holdings of Tech Companies

How can we reduce the risk of failure of our portfolio company?

The typical tech venture is built upon a lot of assumptions in a rapidly changing, challenging environment. Having the development activities well organized and synchronized to business, offers a unique opportunity to create a learning organization, where assumptions get validated or discarded faster than the environment changes. We help you ensure that this capability, along with the capibility to respond fast to changes become an integral part of how your company does its business, making the hidden risks smaller and transparent.

How can we ensure the highest possible return on our investment?

Instead of focusing on vanity metrics like number of employees or number of users, we show you how to focus on the bottom line and on metrics that do define future success. We also help you optimize the development, so that extra costs due to bad development execution disappear.

How can we ensure that the leaders and teams of our portfolio company are able to deliver?

No founder or executive is perfect. They need the help of great teams, so together they overcome every problem thrown at them. With our support, you can ensure that your executives are able to create and lead teams that move fast and ahead of the competition.

Agile Fitness Assessment

We perform an independent assessment of how agile your organization really is. We identify your strengths and point out the gaps as well as your blind spots. This helps if you are in the middle or after an agile transformation, or if you are pondering if Agile is for you. For more details, you can sign up free of charge for a short personal online discussion by clicking on the button to the right.

Schedule an informal discussion

The easiest way to find out if Halkeon is a good fit for you, is booking a brief informal online discussion with us. It only takes half an hour to figure out if we can help you, and to decide on the next steps.

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