We offer coaching and consulting services to optimize the innovation, research and product development activities of high-tech businesses. We are two experts with broad experience in software and hardware development, data analytics and fundamental research.


Technology companies all over the world suffer from slow and expensive R&D, the outputs of which often mismatch market needs. The anatomy of their problems are well documented, and proven solutions have been around for decades. Yet these counter-intuitive solutions go against the human nature itself, resulting in companies to fail over and over again implementing them. We offer you true, long-term transformation through sweat, blood and hard decisions.

Innovation Management

Coaching and Consulting in Innovation Management, using proven ideas of Scrum, Agile, Lean, Learning Organizations and Customer Centric Development, distilled by leading tech startups and corporations.

Project Leadership

Leading your most challenging projects, from forming the strategy and the team to the final delivery of the product.


Consulting on modern IT solutions: High Performance Computing, Data Analytics, Modeling and Computer Simulation.