Agile and innovation consulting, coaching and training for the technology sector of Europe. Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.
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Evolve. Innovate. Lead.

Adaptation is not enough. Be the change.

Our offering to the European technology sector

Are you on a mission of turning your organization into an innovation powerhouse, where idea generation, disciplined experimentation and lean execution go hand in hand? Where your teams create immense value to customers and the society with a grace making it almost seem easy? If so, we are here to help you on this challenging journey as your trusted advisor, so you can keep momentum even on rough terrains and arrive at your destination.

Small and Medium Enterprise

Your business needs to skillfully navigate complexity and outrun competition. We prepare you to exactly do that.


We are here to help you to become the sizzling nest of innovation the world so desperately needs!

VCs, Incubators & Holdings

You understand that the best investment is the investment into the leaders of your portfolio companies. You can rely on us in this.

Ask away! We are here for you

Ask us anything! It doesn’t matter if it’s training, consulting or coaching, it only takes half an hour to form an opinion on us and on the return on investment you can expect from any of our services.

Training: Agile courses for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

If you are a manager, entrepreneur, SME executive or startup founder interested in agility, you are in the right place. Our training courses are designed with you in mind. Join one of our focused, small group, online or in-person courses, where you can benefit both from the high information density lectures and from the discussions with fellow leaders.

Executive Coaching & Consulting on Agile and Innovation Leadership

We support executives and their teams in enhancing organizational and business agility and innovation. We do this by flexibly shifting between the roles of Coach, Advisor, Trainer, Mentor and Facilitator, depending on what brings you the most benefit.

Chief Agility Officer and Ad-Interim Agile Leadership

As experts on agile leadership, we take ad-interim agile leadership roles while helping you finding a permanent solution. We also support experienced agile CEOs in transforming their organizations in the temporary role of Chief Agility Officer. Schedule a call with us to figure out if you would benefit more from an Agile Coach, a Chief Agility Officer or an ad-interim Agile Leader.

Selected articles from the blog

Recognize when a Scrum event is successful

Every event in Scrum has a goal in mind. If you achieve that goal, then the event becomes an investment. If you don’t, it’s waste.

Hamed's portrait
Get the right things done! — A Personal Agility case study

Read about the challenges of a newly appointed team lead, Hamed Siasi, and how he used the Personal Agility System to overcome them.

Scrum events cheat sheets (updated)

Downloadable PDF cheat sheets you can use to facilitate the events of Scrum: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective.

Why matrix organizations will never get agile (updated)

The matrix organization is a remnant of the dark past, plaguing innovation and complex product development to present day. Getting rid of it now is imperative, because in the new economy it’s going to drag your business down into a sinister death. For its 1st anniversary, we have updated our most acclaimed article.

Experts at your service

Dr. Jan Farkas

Agile Innovation Expert


As agile consultant, coach and trainer, Jan prepares executives to become agents of change within their organizations. He believes that leading a company is a hard but noble work, and if done right, it is a powerful source of self-fulfillment.


During his career, Jan spent almost two decades in a wide variety of highly innovative projects in engineering, software development and research. Besides a dozen of Agile and Scrum certifications from the most renowned institutions, he holds master’s degrees in physics and computer science and a doctoral degree in astrophysics.

Kornel Kovacs

Scrum Team Coach


As Scrum Master and team coach, Kornel helps new teams to form, storm, norm and perform. He introduces team members to their new roles of Delivery Team Member, Product Owner and Scrum Master. In his work, he is powered by his passion about science and technology and his empathy towards the people doing it.


This empathy feeds from his many years of experience in IT and science. Kornel is a Certified Scrum Master and holds multiple IT certifications. He’s got a master’s degree in computer science and worked shoulder to shoulder with physicists on complex systems science.

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