Halkeon Agile Consulting, Zurich | Personal Agility for Leaders and Entrepreneurs training and coaching program
Personal Agility training and coaching program for leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to take action now to explore and exploit the power of agility.
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Personal Agility for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Be unstoppable

12 hours of live online workshop

Practical techniques that can be implemented immediately after the first training session

Downloadable templates for a quick and easy start

Join Dr. Jan Farkas, co-founder of Halkeon Agile Consulting Zurich so he can help you unleash your true potential by applying the powers of agility to your personal and professional life, making both you and your organization unstoppable.

7–10 August, 2023

9:00 am — 11:55 am CET (UTC+1)

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Personal Agility is a journey towards individual excellence, with a long lasting impact on your personal and professional life, as well as on the way your organization gets work done.

This is your life after the program.

You will spend much less time with firefighting and will concentrate your energies on exactly the right things, and not on everything that only seems urgent and important.

You will routinely defeat distraction, temptation, procrastination and your fears.

You will use the leader’s leverage to amplify your impact on everything your organization does.

You will preserve a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.

It can’t get any more practical. It can’t get any more significant.

Program options

Training only
1280 CHF
  • Apply the practices of the most productive agile teams to your own life
  • Know at any time where you are and where you are heading
  • Be aware of your achievements and build on them
  • Make conscious decisions on the big questions of life and business
  • Use the amplifying powers of understanding and alignment
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Coaching program
2395 CHF
  • Get the combined benefits of the 4×3 hours training and one month of personal online focus coaching (4×1 hour)
  • Take the expert guide’s shortcut to impact
  • Make sure you address the right questions to get to the right answers
  • Gain confidence and gather momentum with the active support of your coach
  • Get recognized by the Personal Agility Institute as a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner (PARP)
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Premium coaching
4620 CHF
  • Get the combined benefits of the 4×3 hours training and months of personal online coaching (8×1.5 hours or 12×1 hour)
  • Give yourself time to diverge with ideas before you converge to a solution
  • Experience how you can evolve your approach as you start achieving more
  • Create habits that support your success for the rest of your life
  • Discuss how teams apply the patterns behind Personal Agility
  • Get recognized by the Personal Agility Institute as a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner (PARP)
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Got a question?

How can I reserve my place?

Click on any “Reserve my place” or “Sign up” button on this page and fill in the form with your name, the program of your choice and your billing address. You will receive an invoice from us per e-mail. Once your payment arrives, you’re eligible to join the program.

Which program shall I choose?

If you don’t have to make any business decisions of significant impact at the moment, choose the training program. If your business impact is immediate and significant (which is usual for mature companies, or young companies with more than a handful of employees), then you can expect an increased return on investment from the advanced coaching programs.

When does the coaching take place?

The usual cadence of Personal Agility coaching is once a week at a fixed time we agree upon. Should you have special needs, we are happy to discuss and find a solution that fits you.

What tools do we use for the online sessions?

For the training we use Zoom. You can install the Zoom client on any computer without admin rights, and you can join the training right away without having to create a Zoom account. For the coaching we default to Zoom as well, but we are also happy to use other video conferencing tools.

Do I get a certificate after the course?

Personal Agility uses “recognition” instead of certificates. In order to be recognized as a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner (PARP), you need to prove that you have participated in a training and used the Personal Agility System for at least one month. If you participate in the Coaching Program or the Premium Coaching Program, you will automatically become eligible for the PARP recognition. For this, you’ll have to apply for your recognition on the Personal Agility Institute’s website. The price of the recognition is included in the price of the Coaching Programs.

Can I become a PARP if I only attend the training but not the coaching?

Yes. For this, you’ll need to practice the Personal Agility System for at least one month, and then schedule a coaching call with the Personal Agility Institute (PAI). In this call the PAI will validate your knowledge and usage of the Personal Agility System, which will enable you to apply for the PARP recognition. For the PAI coaching fees and arranging a session with the PAI, please refer to their website.

Jan Farkas will be your expert guide on your journey towards excellence. He’s passionate about helping you, the entrepreneur and top leader to unshackle yourselves and your organizations, so you can achieve unprecedented heights and impact without burning out. His passion feeds from a deep understanding of complex systems science, which provides the theoretical backbone of his work. Jan holds master’s degrees in physics and computer science and a doctoral degree in nuclear astrophysics.


Dr. Jan Farkas

Agile Leadership Coach

Learn more about Jan and his work on his blog, farkas on innovation


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