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4–7 July 2022
Personal Agility
for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

by Dr. Jan Farkas


Training course:
Four consecutive mornings from 2022-07-04 to 2022-07-07
English, live online, 8:30 am — 11:30 am CEST (UTC+2)


Minimalist (course only): 1280 CHF
Standard Coaching Program (1 month): 2395 CHF
Premium Coaching Program (2 months): 4620 CHF

11–13 July 2022
Agile Leadership
Creating and Leading Agile Organizations

by Dr. Jan Farkas


Training course:
Three consecutive mornings from 2022-07-11 to 2022-07-13
English, live online, 8:30 am — 12:00 am CEST (UTC+2)


with Follow-up Consulting Sessions (1 month): 3020 CHF
with Leadership Coaching Program (2 months): 5265 CHF
with Agile Organizational Coaching Program (3 months): 15770 CHF

Our training and coaching portfolio for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

You find the details of our training and coaching programs below. If you are not sure which program benefits you the most, feel free the schedule a brief call with us. We are happy to help!
Personal Agility
Personal Agility Training and Coaching Program for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Personal Agility is the easiest way to quick-start your journey in the world of agility. It’s a light-hearted, yet disciplined way to deliberately keeping your professional and personal life on track, while learning some techniques, tools and key elements of the agile way of thinking. Personal Agility is a great way to start to transforming your organization by transforming yourself first.

To learn more about Personal Agility, visit our Personal Agility page or read our article on Personal Agility for Executives.

Who is this training for?

This training is for busy people in a true decision making leadership role, who want to make an impact and lead by example. If you’re an entrepreneur, SME executive, startup founder or top manager, this course is for you.

Who is this training NOT for?

If you’re not a decision maker who can define organizational culture through your deeds, consider taking another Personal Agility course.

Style, structure and coaching

The training is an informal, small-group intensive course that prepares you to use the tools and techniques of the Personal Agility System. In order to efficiently turn your learning into skills, you can choose between the Standard Coaching Program (1 hour/week for 4 weeks) or the Premium Coaching Program (1.5 hours/week for 8 weeks or 1 hour/week for 12 weeks).

Recognition as a Personal Agility Recognized Practitioner (PARP)

After the course, you will have the option to receive the recognition of the Personal Agility Institute and become a PARP. This necessitates that you actually practice what you’ve learned for at least a month. In order to apply for the recognition, you will need to set up 1:1 coaching calls with the trainer, who will help you mastering the Personal Agility System. The price of the PARP certificate of recognition is included in the price of the coaching offers.

Agile Leadership
Agile Leadership: Creating and Leading Agile Organizations

The aim of the course is to provide you with a clear, unbiased voice in the noisy cavalcade of “Agile”. With its concise, to the point, integrated presentation of agility, this training will help you in setting realistic expectations in creating and leading an agile organization. If you are already well-versed in agility, the presented framework will serve you both as a communication tool and a guiding light in your everyday decision making and leadership practice. If you are new to agility, this course will equip you with a deep enough understanding to be able to make an informed decision whether it’s beneficial for your organization to pursue agility and if yes, how to start.

Who is this training for?

This training is for top decision makers who want to improve the market and social impact of their organizations. If you’re an entrepreneur, SME executive, startup founder or top manager, this course is for you.

Who is this training NOT for?

If you’re not a decision maker who can define organizational culture through your deeds, this course will only help you if your management has already taken it and sent you to take it. If this is not the case, probably another course in agility will fit you better.

Style, structure and coaching

The training is an informal, small-group intensive course designed to minimize the time and effort it takes to get a comprehensive picture of agility and the role of leadership in an agile organization. In order to effectively apply your learning, you can choose between the Follow-up Consulting Sessions (1 hour/week for 4 weeks), the Leadership Coaching Program (1.5 hours/week for 8 weeks), or the Agile Organizational Coaching Program (4 hours/week for 12 weeks).

Agile Product Development
Agile Product Development for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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